Poetry Programs

ASL Poetry Programs

Performance Poetry and Socializing (180 minutes)

A sixty minute performance of 12-15 original ASL poems, with the added opportunity to eat, drink and chat about the poetry with the poetess one hour before and after the performance.

Performance Poetry and Q & A (75 minutes)

A forty-five minute performance of 7-10  original ASL poems, with a thirty minute question and answer session with poetess.  Session focuses on the development of the creative process, the craft of poetry and the elements of ASL poetry.

Performance Poetry and Discussion (90 minutes)

A ninety minute performance of 6 original ASL poems , each followed by an in depth discussion of the meaning of the poem and an analysis of the poem's elements.

Poetry Workshop (180 minutes)

Poetess discusses the elements of ASL poetry along with the creative process. Everyone is invited to try specific creative strategies in developing their own ASL poetry.  This group and individual work culminates in an ASL poetry slam, a total hands-on creative experience.

To invite Terrylene to your town, email: Info at Terrylene dot com.