ASL Poems

  • Black Bison & White Horse

    Giant black bison gently bows and out of nowhere, standing behind me, a tall white Andalusian...
  • Cherry Blossom Imprints

    Blue walls melting and mending. Water rising, sofa seat floats towards doorway...
  • Try

    ...spoken words never arrive its destination, a child awaits...
  • True Self

    Madman methods denying true self. Shatter shackles, dignify Ameslan. Let true be.
  • The Paint Lover

    Fear not, walk through the shadow of light...
  • Lightdance

    Dances of the light...
  • Female Linkage

    Silence broken, the voice rise and rises on.
  • Stolen Essence

  • Unveiling the Rock

  • Triangle Attic

  • I Will Raise My Hands

  • Sleeping Beauty

    In Memory of Teri Sentelle